9 x 12, Watercolor

9 x 12, Watercolor

I have been teaching art to young children for over twenty years. Every day I try to think of new ways to open the possibilities of creation and expression into concrete forms that will surprise and delight the children  who are with me on this creative journey.

Along the way, I am on a creative journey of my own- often paused by the seductions and demands of day to day. The two pathways converge in my love of drawing the real world. That is the place where I can guide young artists into drawing with lines, shapes, colors and textures, knowing that these elements are real, and they are from every artist’s tool-kit.

The imaginary world that I spin with children; the world of time machines and dragons, gorillas in the corner and sponge-bobs in the sink, is not so obvious in my own artwork. But the pictures I like best are the ones with some magic in them, even if it is just a hint of light coming from a hidden place, or a path that turns an unseen way.

My teaching blog:  https://sites.google.com/a/breckschool.org/msgrams/



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